Gears of War Review Xbox 360

Gears of War
Xbox 360
Average Scores  :- 8.8 / 10 { Great }
Gameplay    :- 8.875
Graphics    :- 9.125
Sound        :- 8.25
Value        :- 8.875
Tilt        :- 8.875

Simple Review for a game that many have already played.

Gears of wars game review

Firstly, a short description of the game. No spoilers here. You begin as Marcus Fenix, an imprisoned “traitor” that was a COG soldier(Kind of like a Marine). Through the game you battle a race known as the Locusts that mysteriously emerged from the ground one day. That’s it!

The game gives a very cinematic feel to the action. Extremely addicting going through it the first time. The story is…adequate for a testosterone filled shooter. Replay value of the campaign is top notch. I lost count of how many times I had replayed the campaign at about 20.

I have dabbled in the online offerings it possesses but found that most games I was just simply maimed by my own team mates. :/ The online Co-op is excellant but the MP is lacking because of the maturity of the XBL community. I recommend that if you want to get your MP groove on, than to get a couple extra controllers and invite some buddies over. I game online with former room mates that I don’t live near so it is a non-concern for me.

The graphics are the best done on console to date. The art direction is excellent. As you play through the feeling of walking through a painting of human suffering comes to mind quite often. The camera movements are smooth when they need to be and crisp when they are needed.

I won’t attempt to decipher the quality of the sound on this game. I don’t game through a surround sound receiver. The musical score goes well with the story and often plays a great part in the suspense of the action. Sound affects are all excellent in the aspect that none of them stand out badly. They all sound, “right.” The voice acting feels a little corny until you figure out that they were going for the over the top testosterone filled shooter then it pretty much fits right in.

Value is excellent. You won’t find many better games therefore this is a must own if you have a 360. Don’t expect to find any used copies of this baby for a long time to come!

Game of the Year? Uhh… duh!

Gears of war… one of the best games I’ve ever played!
Before I say anymore, I need to tell you that my grammar might be a tad difficult to read, and/or hard to follow my thought sequences. I apologize, I just got home from a long day, and I’m a bit tired… forgive me.

Wow, where should I begin!?!
Well, let’s start with graphics. I play on a Samsung 32“ HD LCDTV with 720p and 1080i resolutions. Well, there is barely any noticeable difference between the two. 1080i has more detail on small objects, while 720p has close to the same fantastic detail, except quick movements are smoother.
So what do I play on? 720p.
Let me start off by saying that the attention to detail in this game is unparalleled. Everything from the head flying off a locust, to the smoke coming out of the end of the gun while reloading are amazingly detailed. Every texture appears to be different, and it just makes the gameplay that more fun to look at. Rich colors, hard-core detail, and physics in which are surprisingly realistic.

Gameplay, well, the story mode takes place about 14 years after E-day (emergence day) and is a bit short in length on casual mode, around average on hard-core, and if you try insane-mode, it will seem pretty long. The AI in this game is amazing. Let’s say you die while trying to obliterate a Locust with a shotty in story mode. When you respawn at that checkpoint, and go back to that locust, he might stick you with a grenade, chainsaw you, or might even be totally oblivious to you while shooting at your teamates. The AI is totally unpredictable, and in this case, that’s a good thing. Story mode is a very in-depth adventure with every part of it coming together like a complex puzzle. Leaving a cliff-hanger at the end, suggesting a sequel, or possibly even a prequel to what happened on E-Day.
Versus Mode/XBox Live is VERY fun, and will have you playing for hours on end. Not nearly as fast-paced as Halo, it allows for beginners to pick it up and stick with it, toning their skills to be the best at it. The utilization of the ”hide-behind-bunker“ technique is surprisingly good, and will define itself as one of the few ways to ”stay safe” in online/versus games. To be honest, the multiplayer gameplay for Gears of War exceeds anything I’ve ever played… including Halo 2 (I wouldn’t even be afraid to say it smothers Halo 2’s XBL Gameplay).

Overall, this game is one of the best games I’ve ever played. The multiplayer, in my completely honest opinion, is even better than that of 007 GoldenEye and MarioKart [both] on the N64. Which, might I add, were classics. Extremely hard to beat those games when it came to a friendly competition.
Story mode is great on Gears of War! I wouldn’t say it’s the absolute best, but it’s up there.

I’ll say it bluntly, it’s going to be very difficult for Sony to come up with anything up to par with this amazing game made by the collaboration of Epic and Microsoft. Halo 3 even has a lot to live up to if they plan on beating gears in gameplay (which is a definite possibility).

Gears of War is an excellent game, and I can’t wait until the next two sequels/prequels (and yes, it’s already been announced by a developer at Epic Studios).


Breath of fresh air

Where do I begin. Let me first acknowledge that I am not your typical FPS gamer and had many apprehensions about becoming one. My heart lies with single player horror games. Yeeeeaars ago I vowed never to get involved in FPS because it was beneath me. This was until I had a chance to experience (from the horror perspective) DOOM3. I didn’t become a big FPS fan, but I was in love with that game. Then came Quake4……..OMG.

I still don’t consider myself an FPS fan and truly feel HALO is the most over rated game in history. I do see how it boosted online gaming with it’s extreme simplicity and playground type environments.

On to Gears. If you want to enjoy games and not live in the past, you can’t understate the work that went into the graphics, physics, and freshness of this game. Yes, the story is only OK and the game-play is short and simplistic, but what a ride. Most of your best roller coasters around the world are short, but what a ride.

Take minute to smell the roses and enjoy what we couldn’t experience in the past. I have to admit, if Gears was another WW2, I would have absolutely no interest. The locust theme was great because it brought in the not-so-typical FPS players like myself.

Last word…… Turn off the lights, crank up the volume, pull out the 60″ and fall in love. The $50 tag is justified if you use LIVE.

One of the best shooter Games EVER!

Gears of War.Some hate it, some love it. I Own it. and i love it. Its currently my favorite 360 game to play until halo 3 comes out.

I give gameplay a 10 because its just so fun to shoot wretches in the face woth the shotgun,and i beleive there is nothing more satisfiyng than chainsawing someone in to bits an pieces in an online deathmatch.

Graphics also get 10. Really no need to go into any greater detail than that.
Sound gets a 9. The game has a good score but nothing mindblowing.
Value gets a 9 as well because of the length its only about a 10-20 hour long game. But the many difficultys will keep you occupied for a LONG time

Tilt gets a 8….because i wanted to put a 8 in the review

This flagship 360 titles is holding it own in a Halo ruled world.

Gears of War is by far the best title released for the Xbox 360 thus far in its life cycle. The game showcases a truly great amount of polish and performance and like Halo is truly an online game at heart. While it has its flaws they are completely and utterly outweighed by the it positive quality aspects. This game is essentially a showcase of the Xbox 360’s potential and capabilities.

-The gameplay of gears of war is simply and straightforward. The goal is essentially kill everyone and everything before it can kill you. While this sounds simplistic it actually makes the game better as, after all, it is a shooter. The single player mode is well refined but it does have its issues. This game is, whether this is a bad thing or not is up for debate, very much on rails. You have relatively few decisions to make and your goal is generally kill everyone in front of you so you can advance. 
-The characters you play along with in the single player mode are well fleshed out and have identifiable personalities which is a big bonus simply because many shooters lack it. My only other concern with the single player mode is that it is relatively short. 
-In truth though the multiplayer is where this game really shines the brightest. The gory action packed brawl that this option creates if perfect for the hardcore video game audience. While I could complain about how the games generally boil down to two weapons and it can simply become a contest of who can get the chainsaw running first which can takes away from the multiplayer depth I choose not to. 
-The overall gameplay is well polished and some of the best out there currently.
Gameplay Score:8

-This game has truly outstanding graphics. The colors are bright, clear, and crisp. The graphical polish of this game could possibly be the best in any (non-PC) game ever. The amount of polish and clarity is ofter times astonishing and breathtaking. While the monotone color pallet is one downside I do not see it as enough of a problem to knock down the score is this area. 
-Graphics is where this game really excels and what sets it apart from its rivals Resistance FoM and Lost Planet.
Graphics Score:10

-The sound in this game is also very good. The audio quality during in game battles really impressed me. While the audio isn’t perfect it does go along way towards contributing to this games immersion abilities. The quality of the in game voices is also apparent and very impressive.
Sound Score:9

-This game is well worth the purchase price if you plan on using the online functions. While the single player mode alone isn’t extensive enough for purchasing the game on its account overall it is still a good deal. When you factor in the stellar online gameplay as well as the astounding graphics its well worth the price.
Value Score:9

Fighting Locust, Online Play and The missions
Gears of war is the greatest game out so far for the xbox 360. Gears of war has sold over 2 million copies world wide. Gears of war has an awesome storyline where you fight aginst locusts and General Ramm at the end.. The best part of Gears of War is online. Online Play for gears of war is the best for online 360 games I have seen so far. The graphics online are as great as the missions and the maps are great. Gears of War has great Missions but I think the mission should be more than 5 acts . The missions were too short. Gears of war follows the role of emergance day when the Locusts came up from under the ground. If you get gears of War make sure you have live too because gears is better
It’s amazing graphics are enough to bring anyone into it’s world.
Gears of War was an excellent game, From the game play to the weapons (the Torque Bow was pretty sweet) to the amazing graphics and epic game play from epic studios. The feeling you get when you pull the trigger and slowly tear down your enemy is unfogettable, and not to mtnion when you rip them apart with your chainsaw gun. The enemy types have a good varitey and the levels Gameplay wise and design wise are excellent. Trying to stay out of the dark or get eaten alive is hard to do when you’re surrounded by shadows and enemies. Anyone who plays this game knows what I’m talking about. This game is a must own for anyone who loves third person shooter, or just an overall good game. Gearis Epic and the second will be amazing.