By | April 30, 2016

Who we are?

We believe in the power of play to bring out the best in every kid. We create a place for every kid on the playground – a place where they belong, have fun and are part of the game. Playworks creates safe, inclusive school environments that allow kids to thrive. We currently serve more than 380 schools in 23 cities, and expect to reach nearly 435,000 students directly and through training services that reach hundreds of additional schools and community organizations.

What we do?

Playworks is part of the school community. We’re the only organization in the country to send well-trained, energetic full-time program coordinators, called “coaches,” into low-income elementary schools. From our focus on creating a safe and inclusive recess, to our class game times where we introduce new games to individual classes, to our youth leadership programs, before- and after-school programs and developmental sports leagues, Playworks provides every kid the opportunity to learn basic skills and teamwork, build self-esteem, develop their social skills and confidence and find their place on the field, and court and in the classroom and community.

See a video here.

How can your child get involved?

To learn more, visit here and check out The Playbook to support your child at play and recess here.

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